Nope, I'm not dead. Thankfully. But I've neglected my blog - even if my year was pretty exciting so far. But finally things start to slow down and I'm getting more and more free time everyday. Not too bad, since the hot months are just around the corner and working seven days a week is somewhen pretty exhausting.

So, what happened?

Actually just one (mentionable) thing: I've moved into a new apartment. And, to be honest, the "moving" part was the easier one - way more interesting was everything that had happened before.

The appartment belonged to my beloved grandmother, who moved to a nursing home (which is certainly better for her than living in the third floor without a lift). Sadly, old people tend to live a quite old-fashioned life - and I'm a bit too young to be interested in flowery wallpapers, a cruzifix in every room or a blue bathtub. So we (many people, including friends, family and myself) had to renovate everything. Literally everything.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here's a quick before and after comparison:

There are also way more images, including most of the renovation.

It took us around 6 months to finish, but it was worth every second of it. I'm quite happy in my new home.

Well, and now?

I've got more time now. A lot more. More time means that I can finally take care of my blog (and all my other "online" activities, e.g. writing code, my Twitter account, etc.) again - and I now have a lot of things I'd like to write about.