It's been kinda quiet here, but there's a simple reason behind it: the hot days are here! But not just that; after being on sick leave for nearly a fucking year I'm fit again! I can't even describe how happy I am about the latter.

Back to business... soon!

During daytime it's unlikely to find me in front of my computer in summer. In the evenings (and nights) I'm mostly playing Overwatch with friends right now. The important thing here is: it's the first time since last August that I can do whatever I want do. I've never appreciated this allegedly small detail of life - but after nearly 1 month in hospital, around 5 surgeries, between 70 and 100 doctor's visits (I thought about counting it... but you know what? Screw it! I don't want to see any of these countless sheets again) I've learned on thing: being in good health is priceless. Literally.

Since programming was one of the few activities I was able to follow during my sick leave (thanks to my notebook!) I won't be coding much during the next weeks. Even though I've made serious progress on my long-term project, but more about that after summer.

So it's likely that there won't be many posts here for the next weeks, but I'm still tweeting from time to time. I'll go back to work in around two months - until then I'm enjoying summer (and my life!).

I wish you a great summer, see you then!