It's been over a year since my last post - here's why.

What happened?

Let's get this straight to the point:

  • it took longer than expected to get used to living alone again.
  • on my 30th birthday I had a surgery to fix something that caused a decent amount of pain for more than 15 years on a location you definitely don't want to have a surgery on.
  • due to GPU and game console shortage I started a free product stock tracking service called ilox which evolved into a community with over 30.000 members
  • pandemic shit
  • due to a broken build system I could not update my blog until now. Since I wanted to switch back to a non-static site again for different reasons I wanted to take that opportunity to update my Ghost install as well - and since Ghost now supports a login I wanted to have native comments as well, which required me to create a custom fork of Ghost to do so.
  • by fully utilizing Ghost again I also needed additional tools to implement search and contact form functionality.

Blog update

While I'm definitely planning on giving more insight on the update itself in the future, I'd like to point out a few things that have changed here.

First of all my blog is no longer a static site powered by Gatsby and runs on Ghost only (again). The static site was driven by Ghost all the time - so going back to Ghost was "just" going back to using the Ghost frontend again.

With going back to Ghost-only which now offers member-functionality I also wanted the comments to be natively included. Unfortunately Ghost doesn't support native comments to this very day and the thought of having two different logins (one for Ghost and one for the commenting system) felt really awkward. In the manner of "open source" I decided to simply fork Ghost and add native comments myself. Mildly put, the experience of doing so was a real pain the ass - but more on that in the future. But we have native comments, which is nice (and lost all previous comments, which is less nice - but let's label that as "necessary sacrifice").

I do plan on utilizing Ghosts paid membership features in the future, but haven't decided on how to implement that properly (or, in other words, how to decide which posts to put behind a paywall). The only thing I'm sure about in this regard is the free tier which is currently the only one available: it removes ads and allows commenting on posts - forever.

The theme intentionally is pretty much the same as before; I still like it. But it is now powered by Tailwind CSS which is why everything might look a bit more "clean" now.

What's to come

The update on my blog is finally done and I can go back to writing again. I'm likely to publish more details to most topics mentioned in this post since all of them deserve their own post - as well as around 80 ideas I've written down since last year. There's plenty of stuff to write about!

I'm sorry for having my blog neglected so long - and I'm equally hyped about getting back to it.

See ya,