Hello there!

I'm Kevin, a late-twenties software developer from Austria. This, nehalist.io, is my personal (tech) blog where I write about things I like and think are worthy to write about.

About me

As mentioned above my name is Kevin, born October 1990, a full-time web- and software developer. Software development is not just my job - it's my passion. Ever since I've been a child I like to understand the "Why?" and "How?", hence spending (probably way too much time) time in front of computers trying to extend my knowledge and becoming better at whatever I do.

For more than half of my life (which equals approximately 15 years) I've been working with numerous programming languages, technologies and tools. As of today I consider myself a full-stack developer, mainly working with:


Blogging has always been a fun way to improve myself. I can't just post things I'm not certain about - every* post requires further investigation, additional reflection and a reasonable amount of certainty in terms of quality before hitting that "Publish" button.

If you want to master something, teach it.

I'm a huge fan of open source software, hence trying to contribute as much as possible. You can find all my contributions on my GitHub profile.

Outside the world of software it's likely to find me playing games, spending time with my family and friends or trying to stop my cat from going insane.

* = Mostly. If you think I'm spreading nonsense please get in touch with me and let's talk about it!

Random Fact

I have no hair loss at all - but I do have a lot of gray hair (for not being even 30).


With my first post published somewhere in 2004 (when I had no idea what I was doing) my blog has gone through multiple iterations regarding its content, name and logo.

Blog history

In its current (and hopefully last) iteration, namely nehalist.io, the first post was published in 2014. Ever since it has attracted around half a million users and generated more than a million pageviews with currently between 1000 to 2000 visits per day.

From a custom made content management system, over WordPress and Ghost it has ultimately become a static site built on React with GatsbyJS, hosted on Uberspace. If you like the current design you can get it for free on GitHub.

You can expect at least two posts per month, which are likely to be related to software development (guides, thoughts and experiences), occasionally reviews of things I use on a daily basis for my work or maybe even something different. If there's anything you'd like me to write about just drop me a message.

Blog architecture


My very own place of unrestricted power.